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Truth and Grace

On a normal school morning, in the middle of getting ready for school before Thanksgiving break, Miss M asked me a question. One that felt heavy and weighed down time:  "Mom? Do you keep the Elf on the Shelf in your closet until tomorrow night? And then its just you and Match moving it at… Continue reading Truth and Grace

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Bones and Red Dots

I worry about a lot of things. I worry more as a mother. It makes you exist in the world differently. My heart breaks for the genocide in Myanmar, the never ending attacks in Syria, the famine in Yemen, the United State decision to separate children at the border. It aches for the word I… Continue reading Bones and Red Dots

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Twice thrice

Every year on their birthdays I write the girls a love letter of sorts. This year, I'm behind, but with a little grace for belated salutations, I'm still here keeping up the tradition. Bean turned two a little over a month again. My baby is no longer an actual baby. Dear Bean, My last baby.… Continue reading Twice thrice