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Bones and Red Dots

I worry about a lot of things. I worry more as a mother. It makes you exist in the world differently. My heart breaks for the genocide in Myanmar, the never ending attacks in Syria, the famine in Yemen, the United State decision to separate children at the border. It aches for the word I… Continue reading Bones and Red Dots

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The time before.

August.┬áIt feels like a year later and nothing has changed. I'm raw and tired. That sensation of lacking satisfaction with my life is lingering. I'm sitting in that space before things shift. It is uncomfortable. Miss M had her second vacation with her Dad. It has some peaks and valleys. The valleys still have me… Continue reading The time before.

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Outbox and laundry

When I blog about the intimate details of the struggles raising Miss M or Blue Eyes with Exes, it is a very one sided account laden-ed with that tricky thing called "perspective." Some people call it airing dirty laundry. Some people love the gossip. Some people are in similar situations and find it nice to… Continue reading Outbox and laundry