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Chance, Magic, and Worth

The universe is funny. Most days everything happens: small joys, small aches, small frustrations, and small mercies. There does not always feel like there is a purpose pulsing behind it all. Yet, once in a while, things make sense. Events suddenly resonate deep and in a way that makes you understand that there is something… Continue reading Chance, Magic, and Worth

Motherhood · parenthood · Relationships

Dear Year Ten.

I write the girls a love letter for their birthdays every year. My first born turned ten at the of February. I've been belated with them, but I'm still here trying. I have piled up drafts to work on, but these seem the most important thing I have to write I am blessed in life… Continue reading Dear Year Ten.



The idea of taking a leap and investing in myself is always agonizingly inner-monologue guilt inducing. Not because I feel less than deserving or because I view it as a bad way to spend money. However, it always feels irresponsible. Match and I support four children. Two we share with our Exes. Right now I… Continue reading Held