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"You lie." Lying is an interesting human concept. On Tuesday, Match spent so much of his day having that word hurled at him. Liar is an undesirable adjective. A thing we are told not to be. Yet, of all the the undesirable things Match is, "liar" is never one I would label him with. The… Continue reading Middle

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My Ex and I went to court in February and worked out a new agreement. Like always... on his end... his wants and needs have changed. I sit here again. Looking at the angles. Trying to see what the universe is molding. My Ex is a jerk. He knows it. As he says, there is… Continue reading Anyway.

Divorce · Modern Family · Motherhood · parenthood · Relationships

A Manifestation of Residual Atelophobia

I had the strength to rebuild my life when my marriage went to depths of shit. That experience has given me the ability to know myself. It has given me the ability to not care about a lot of things that aren't meant for me in this world. Most importantly, it has taught me that… Continue reading A Manifestation of Residual Atelophobia