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Last year, a pretty famous blogger I followed, Glennon Doyle, posted this poem Christmas at Midlife by Mary Anne Perrone. People find solace in all sorts of ways. I love finding words that echo things I've felt. It is amazing that for every different human who has lived a unique life carved out for their… Continue reading NYE


Quiet steps.

I am going to leave this here. It is eating at me and I'm getting short with the kids as this goes around and around like saying the rosary. Expect instead of praying for forgiveness, I'm torn between being thankful nothing happened and wishing my Ex would stub his fat toe. "Mom, you know what… Continue reading Quiet steps.

Modern Family · Motherhood · parenthood · Relationships

Birthday Rumination

When I started this post, I was in the last few days of being 36 years old. My birthday has come and gone. Officially, I am in my first week of my 37th year. I have had a very blessed, worthwhile 37 years. I am pretty fond of it all. The rock bottoms, awful mistakes… Continue reading Birthday Rumination