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Bean made her first rotation around the sun. It was the longest, but also cumulatively the fastest 365 days. I have that whole blink-and-you-miss-it feeling. She no longer sleeps most of her day away, no longer can be held gently in one arm, nor does she make the soft newborn baby coos and cries. If I place my nose to the top of her soft head and breathe in deep after a bath, I still can get a whiff of that magical baby scent. But, each day moves us on from my agenda of permanent heart-filled, intoxicating infant-hood to Bean’s own plans in this world. Which is also lovely. She now, in an equally adorable way, calls “mama” and “dada.” She communicates. She real deal life-is-hilarious belly laughs. She takes no shit from her older sisters and, trust me, there is a fair amount of bullshit on her part looking like a walking doll. Bean is each day growing further from my arms and making her own place. It is as it should be. Yet, I would be remiss to not admit that as hard as the baby phase is for us as parents… it never lasts long enough. Babies are some white magic for our ever world-weary hearts.

I love you, Bean. Here’s to the next 365…





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