Summer of Six


We had our first, last-day-of-school for Miss M. Which ended with much less fanfare than it started with. There was a late night arts & craft session with me to make a teacher gift. In the rush of getting out the door, I didn’t pack her snack for the day. There were no parents at drop off milling about for photo ops. No ceremony to go to. Just another, fun, bittersweet day. I took the day off from work to pick up my daughter on her last day in Kindergarten. I couldn’t bear to miss seeing her come through the double doors one last time with her classmates. And while the end was quieter than I had expected– it had ice cream sundaes with friends. Everything is better with good company and ice cream. (if you are reading this: That’s a life lesson, girls.)

Summer has started. Each year, we make a bucket list of things we hope to do over the summer which is only about 9 weeks or so. The beach, the zoo, play dates, museums– so many fun things that we enjoy. Usually Miss M draws a picture of what she hopes to do and I make a caption. This year there are no pictures. She can read. And this year, I added some different parameters to it. Each week to do something fun– she must read for thirty minutes each week, practice being kind or responsible, and I added a task that makes her look outside herself so she thinks of other people. Do something nice for someone in your family. Do something nice for a stranger. Make and send a card to someone you are thankful for. It is ambitious and I’m not sure I am even up to the task, but I think that this summer we might learn some things together.

Wish us luck.


Oh gosh, I just spilled my guts. Please comment and tell me what you think. :)

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