Summer days…

Well, this is the last day of Kindergarten, And the beginning of Summer. Like many things, it is bittersweet:

She lost two teeth.

She learned how to read.

We did homework four days a week.

There were two calls from the school nurse.

We racked up at least two tardies per week. Minimum. Punctuality is not my strongest trait.

We cut class to go to a local fair.

We cried because a friend kept tagging us when we didn’t want to play tag.

She had a boyfriend. Then she didn’t. But it was okay because we wouldn’t kiss him until she was 18 anyway. 
We mastered curbside drop off!

She did not try a single, real school lunch…. but ate a bagel the first three months of school.

I got to volunteer at the Library and dip my toe in the PTO.

I met some more great moms and their great kids.

I’m ready for the beach. To have her back before I lose her again to school. But I am going to miss this. 


Oh gosh, I just spilled my guts. Please comment and tell me what you think. :)

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