Issac. I haven’t heard his voice since I left the job we shared over five years ago. Through Facebook, here and there, we touched base. And now, this past week, he died. He was only 33.

Have you ever met someone who was just literally the human version of sunshine and ocean breeze? That was this guy. His smile was contagious. His laugh booming. Breathing the air in the same space as him could make you a warmer, easier going person. He was warm, kind, and affectionate. He made the world better. I’m not actually exaggerating. He just spread friendship.

And while I wouldn’t say I was close or kept in touch or especially friendly… there is a void in the world. A void where this one person produced so much love and affection and kindness. And it echoes through my Facebook feed. I know I am not alone. And I just wanted to say it somewhere.

There has been a lot of losses from this past job. Each sad. Each sudden. Each noteworthy. Each heartbreaking.

So this week, I have tried to find my kindness. My smile. My booming laugh. My inner Isaac. Because I don’t know what else there is to do. Except pour myself into his void. I don’t know what else there ever is to do in the face of loss… except give more. Be more. Love more.

You were everybody’s friend. You brought brightness with you effortlessly. Someone called you exceptional. They were right. Thinking about you and trying to burn a little brighter today. Trying to be a little kinder today. Making sure I laugh loudly and contagiously today.

Bear hugs for everyone missing him… and anyone else who’s gone, but not forgotten. It just is not everyday we lose someone in the world who made the room a little brighter just by sitting in it.


Oh gosh, I just spilled my guts. Please comment and tell me what you think. :)

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