Love is all around…

“Drinkers and jokers. all soul searchers Searching for love love love Love love love Love love is all around”

Christmas Song, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds

Match, well, extremely dislikes holidays. I have worked retail for the past five years…. and still find deep affection for them. Holidays are far, far, far away from perfect here. They involve stress of getting ready and out the door. Deadlines loom for cookie baking, present buying, appetizer making. But I tend to fall in love with moments… lovely, warm-filled, darling moments. Squishing on the couch with my cousins for a group photo we try to take each holiday. My youngest cousin spending hours playing and indulging my children. That moment you bite into a savory bite of asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and herb cheese. Eating a warm cookie. Drinking wine at the table. The way coffee smells and a mug can warm your hands. (I have much adoration for food.) The sound of ripping wrapping paper. The giggles when its secret is revealed. Warm hugs (Olaf was on to something). More wine. There is magic there. Small wisps of contentment. Little thrills of joy. December can be dim. My best friends and I buried some special people this month through the years. The anniversary of Newtown. A school attack a day ago in Pakistan. General malaise and sadness. Violence. Drunk drivers. And a pile of other sad, mind numbingly painful, terrible things. It is easy to be so overwhelmed with the awful… that we miss the wonderful. The small mercies that absolve us. That make us believe this is all worth it. It is worth showing up each day. I think it is worth trying. These small, tiny miracles that are pieces of everyday life are the what matter.  They are what makes all the sadness bearable. They are why we try to be better. Those moments are why we know there has to be a better way and we will try to find it. They are a wonderful reason to be present. Match is getting better. I hope. He’s trying at least. I only have had a few years… and they have been a little crazy… but this year… Match is thinking about the holiday. Ahead of time. Trying to make plans. Which is a little miraculous on its own. Well, that’s the small things, the lovely moments, that lead us to make changes. To carry on. To work for better. To be brave when the news is telling you not to be. To be together when its easier to stay home. So, whether you are a holiday person, or you simply aren’t, there is still some magic out there. I invite to pay attention. To take it in. To feel the magic. It is there.


Oh gosh, I just spilled my guts. Please comment and tell me what you think. :)

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