Tomorrow, I turn thirty-four. Somehow, this kind of snuck up on me. But, it’s here. And I’m full of curiosity as to what thirty four will bring me.

I’ll see my oldest lose a tooth, turn six, and become a first grader. My youngest will turn two, she will start to really talk, and I will have a toddler. My baby won’t be one any more.!I will close out a my first year in a new sales position. Most likely I’ll have a house. At some point, I’ll be asked a question. I think, that while I’m thirty four, I could say yes. Don’t quote me though. The wind blows and my resolve can waver.

My thirties have been so lovely. And I have many things I feel deep gratitude for. Many things I wish I had more time for. Many moments that have defined my life and family. I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given. I hope this next year, I create some for others. I hope to give back this year. So much has been given to me.

Tonight, while the last few hours of thirty-three tick by, I am here. Tucked on the couch, two little girls sleeping in their rooms, sharing a blanket with Match. It feels perfect. It feels like this is what matters. It feels like home.


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