Modern Family · Motherhood

Words. I have been looking for them lately. In my dashboard sits a pile of drafts. Yet, I haven’t been able to finish them.

Summer has come and gone. Winter is making its presence known. And, like the passing of time in seasons, things here are also going through the motions of change.

After much soul searching, I narrowed my life’s ambition down to two career paths… and chose neither. I rather be home with the girls. Make sure I don’t miss their childhood between school and aftercare. I can make retail work. I can build the next few years with a nice salary, commission base, 401k, and benefit package. I can make a financially stable future. People start their careers over all the time. I will. Just not in 2014.

I once again ticked off a life event in the “Things that would happen to me,” myself by accidentally subscribing to Match’s Ex blog. I mean, really? You spill some of your deepest thoughts, saddest truths, and little pieces of yourself… and who stumbles upon it: Me. And then announces it with an email. Followed by a panicked, marbled, apologetic text when I put the pieces together. And then round out the day with a phone call of awkward, hilarious, and heartfelt proportions. Now this space, which wasn’t really private, is fair game. Which is fine… I made this to be transparent. To process. To put things into words. So, beware, the find friends feature, it can get you in trouble apparently.

Speaking of finding friends, I would love to explore your blogs. So if you are my friend in real life, let me know you are on here. I am trying to make this part of my life. To write and see where it takes me. And community is a large part of that. Comments, support, constructive criticism is all welcome here.

I am trying to branch out into some new topics… I do lament a lot on my divorce and my ex. I think those posts won’t go anywhere, but its been a few years. I think I made most of the peace I am going to make.

That’s it. This post is a little lame, but as I mentioned I have drafts upon drafts in my dashboard and I just needed to publish something. Anything. And today, I have to get ready for work, kids to school, and dishes to do. Life waits… even though I wish I could linger here longer. I will get to the good stuff again soon.


Oh gosh, I just spilled my guts. Please comment and tell me what you think. :)

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