May of 2014 I started to write this. Kindergarten is here. Superman capes have gone to the wayside. Yet, we had a giraffe mask, princess crowns, and a homemade pilgrim hat. There is some littleness left to savor. Now many months later, I figured I should finish: Today I dropped off Miss M to preschool.… Continue reading Little

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In the midst of the in between…

Commitment. I have always felt that commitment is an intentional act. You make an effort to make something work. You sweat for it. You choose it. You sign up for it. Like a high school activity. Yet, my biggest commitments are made in my heart. They happened without my consent or conscious thought. They evolved… Continue reading In the midst of the in between…

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Back to School Blues

Well, the past six months have been leading me somewhere. Maybe being present for this milestone. Being grateful we made it here. We made it happy, fulfilled and with some great adventures on the way. We made it to five healthy and alive. And tomorrow she starts real, full-day, five days a week, school. It… Continue reading Back to School Blues