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Five O’Clock

Fear... I have talked to other parents and decidedly there seems to be unanimous agreement that once you become a parent, the world is a scarier place. I have a really hard time watching the news. In the summer, there are stories of drownings. In the fall, Halloween hit & runs. Everyday there are kids… Continue reading Five O’Clock

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Collateral Damage

Confidence... The world can never pick you apart as quickly as you're able to do it yourself.¬† In fact, I might be the master. You can sum it up so many different ways: "separated," "it didn't work out," "irreconcilable differences," "we grew apart," "he's an asshole," "she's a bitch," but ultimately the marriage failed. It… Continue reading Collateral Damage

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Bad Mom Syndrome

Grief... Today I spent a good portion¬†of my morning, well, mourning the "what ifs" and "should have been" of my life. Staring at the dishes, the small dog hair dust bunnies, the pile of laundry that needed to be put away I was overcome with inadequacy while my almost-2-year-old ran circles around me. I have… Continue reading Bad Mom Syndrome