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Sunday Palms and Pauses

I have been thinking a lot about death. It is Holy Week here. Palm Sunday. I suppose that seems reasonable when death is taking many in the world. And in a week comes Easter which is all about the tangle of death, crucifixion, and life reaffirmed. I used to be afraid of death. In a… Continue reading Sunday Palms and Pauses

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I'll leave the light on…

Currently, there is a pandemic for a disease that is spreading through local communities, states, countries, and the world. There is no known treatment because the strain is new. It has a high reproduction factor, is spread by droplets, and is changing our lives in multiple ways. While dealing with this specific situation has not… Continue reading I'll leave the light on…


One by One

Back in 2016, I wrote a letter to my daughters. It was just after the Orlando nightclub shooting. I built on it, yesterday and today. You don't realize how big a piece being afraid is part of parenthood. Fear is a piece of our human experience and the way it can drive behaviors is amazing… Continue reading One by One