Sea Spray

It really stinks to have Match and I both raise children with other adults that are emotionally abusive. I wish I could define it differently. Yet, she is just a toxic relationship who maligns us. Match's Ex has emotional peaks and valleys that are hard to keep up with and they drive a lot of… Continue reading Sea Spray

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Dear Girls, There are different seasons to this life. Some will have problem upon problem, heartache upon heartache, simply heaped upon you until you can hardly bear it. Yet, still more will come. I hope you remember to remind yourself that even though it feels that way-- you are actually in the middle of bearing… Continue reading Gardens


May 31st 2020

They rioted in Boston last night. I was safe in my home fifteen to twenty minutes from the rocks, glass bottles, and trash can fires. For hours I watched a really powerful peaceful protest march to the state house. I heard someone I love say "All Lives Matter." I said this movement doesn't mean they… Continue reading May 31st 2020